You feel overwhelmed and misled by all of the conflicting opinions surrounding the pet food market.

You want to learn more about your pet's nutritional needs but are tired of spending hours searching google for reliable information.

You want to feed your pet the best food but just don't know where to start.

If you can relate, then this is the perfect course for you!


No more time wasted on scouring the internet trying to piece together information but still not knowing what to believe.

No more relying on diet recommendations without understanding them.

No more wondering if your pet could be healthier on a different diet.

Feeling confident that you are doing what you can do increase your pet's lifespan and improve their overall health.

I can take you from feelings of uncertainty and frustration to having

complete confidence in not only selecting a pet food,

but also understanding the basic fundamentals of your pet's nutritional needs!

What My Students Are Saying...

"Before Nourish, I was confused about pet food, worrying about what the ingredients were in my dogs food and frustrated not knowing what to do with little time to talk with the vet. If you are looking to stop wasting time confused about what pet food to feed, enroll in Nourish!"



"Before Nourish, I was falling prey to advertising tactics, didn't know how to evaluate pet foods, and felt intimidated to cook for my dog.

I had a senior dog with multiple health issues and food sensitivities. On a gut level I knew that food could be a tool to improve his health but I didn't have the information/confidence to make dietary decisions. He passed about a year ago and we welcomed a new generation of fur babies into our lives and I want to do better for them in his honor.

Because of Nourish, I feel like I can effectively evaluate pet foods and make wiser choices about what to feed. It is well worth the investment of dollars and time. I knew I was getting a lot and boy did the course deliver!

If you feel committed to caring for you pet -do it!"

- Alex




The Ultimate Guide

to Pet Nutrition

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Dr. Hillary Wolfe, veterinarian and creator of Nourish. I spent nearly a decade in school to obtain my doctorate degree in veterinary medicine, and have been in the field for over 14 years.

My obsession? I'm crazy about empowering pet parents to take charge of their pet's nutrition and overall health. It is my belief that nutrition is the foundation to health. When your pet has a tailored and individualized nutrition plan, it can both increase their lifespan and overall health. There is so much that goes into selecting a pet food, and one size does not fit all!

This is why my passion is to educate pet parents on the basics of pet nutrition, so they can improve their pet's health and increase their longevity. After all, who doesn't want as many extra happy and healthy years as possible with their dog or cat?


Bachelor of Science in Biology, 2011

Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, 2015

NAVC Pet Nutrition Coach Certification, 2020

CIVT Veterinary Natural Nutrition Certification, 2022

Chi University Food Therapy Certification, currently in progress

Take a peek inside Nourish...



A to Z Ingredient Directory

No more wondering what's in your pet food - easily scan this A to Z directory to find what an ingredient is and why it's there.


Supplement Guide

Learn the ins and outs of whether or not your pet needs supplements such as fish oil, joint supplements, probiotics and vitamins.


Healthy Treat Guide

Learn how to make healthier treat choices and receive guidelines for incorporating fresh food into your pet's diet (this can reduce their risk of cancer)!


Weight Management Guide

You will receive body condition score charts and reference guide on how to keep your pet at a healthy weight - something that will extend their lifespan by at least 2 years! The guide also includes a calorie calculator that allows you to put in your pet's weight and instantly know how much food and treats to feed.


Guaranteed Analysis Calculator

Quickly enter the pet nutrition label facts (protein, fat, fiber and moisture) and instantly see how much of each nutrient is actually present in the food. There is also a reference chart for how much protein, fat and carbs your pet should be eating for their specific life stage so you can easily compare it to their current food and change if necessary!


Members only Q&A Session

You'll receive access to one live Q&A session for students only! Any questions that come up during your time in the course can be addressed in this session. You will also have access to previously recorded Q&As!

To recap, you'll receive...

3 Learning Modules ($600 value)

A to Z Ingredient Directory ($75 value)

Guaranteed Analysis Tool ($75 value)

Weight Management Guide ($100 value)

Calorie Calculator Tool ($75 value)

Healthy Treat Guide ($75 value)

Supplement Guide ($75 value)

Members Only Live Q&A Session ($100 value)

OVER $1,100 of VALUE

for a one time payment of


Am I a good fit for this course?

This course is for you if...

  • You want a deeper understanding of your pet's nutritional needs and are looking to optimize their health and wellness through food.
  • You want a reliable method of evaluating pet foods
  • You want to reduce your pet's risk of cancer and illness and increase their lifespan.

Is this course suitable for veterinarians and veterinary technicians?​​

This course serves as a great tool for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. However, I recommend checking out my more in depth Nourish course that includes 6 modules of more detailed information. You can find out more about it by clicking here.

How long will the course take to complete?

The course is completely self-paced, so the timeframe at which you complete it is totally up to you! But in total, the videos will take you just under 3 hours to watch.

How long will I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the videos inside the course. Research is constantly underway, so you will also receive free access to updates or additions to the course over time.

Do you offer refunds?

At this time, refunds are not being offered for Nourish.

Nourish Disclaimer

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